March 04, 2011


Received a postcard from United Kingdom

Received in Mar 3

My favorite double decker bus !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I was really amazing when I opened the mail box and saw this postcard !! =D
She is a Lithuanian studing in London now.
I love London and also your country !!
Thank you very much >"<

Swap from China

Received a postcard from P.R China

Received in Mar 3

Axis Power Hetalia.
All character but forget East Asia ˊˋ
( British Angel !!  hahahahaha ~~~
  France ...... XD )

Really lovely card !!  I love it >"<


Received a postcard from Canada

Received in Mar 3

The postcard is sent to my sister.
This is Canada animal - Beaver. Very cute !!